They’re society’s boobs.

We live in a sparkly Hollywood-ified, beauty idealized world where photoshop muddles around with our idea of beauty to the point where we’re continuously told we are supposed to be unhappy with ourselves. Day in and day out we’re beaten over the head with ads, movies, and images that encourage us to reach a little higher and try a little harder.

We are constantly fed media full of of overly photoshopped bodies that have been hand selected to look a certain way then airbrushed until they are perfect. We continuously see images of women, and men likely, that could literally not exist naturally. This has become such a normative look that we don’t second guess the perfect skin, skinny waist, thigh gap, or slender little arms.

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The Dudes.

The Dudes are fabulous.

They mix rock music with honest, intelligent lyrics. What more can you ask for?

This album was released in 2009 and I still love every song on it.

Am I the only one that’s lonely
I like your girl but she don’t know me
And I think she’s right for someone else
Let me introduce myself, I’m someone else, Mr. Someone Else

Ruffles are out of the question. And please, no bows.

When I was in high school I spent all of my money on clothes. All of it. I used to nag my Mom to take me to the city so I could drop all my hard earned dollar bills on the latest and greatest things American Eagle had to offer me. My Mom would always remind me that I didn’t need more clothes, my rather large closet was, after all, already chalk full. She wasn’t wrong. But that wasn’t really the point. I had nothing but disposable income and I loved having fun things to wear. I loved feeling like I had a bit of style.

Shopping trips were great. It would take me a while to buy the first thing, but then all bets were off. I remember being proud to have a ton of shopping bags inhibiting my ability to move swiftly through the halls of Calgary’s malls. It wasn’t that I loved shopping for the sake of it though. I wasn’t inclined to buy just to buy. As far as I was concerned, I obviously needed another pair of the same pants from Jacob in a different colour, they just fit so great.

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Some things never get old.

There are some albums which I will download and obsess over for a month. It’s all I listen to, then as quickly as it arrived in my life, it leaves again. I might revisit it from time to time but it never really sticks. Sometimes, however a real gems enters your life and it has staying power.

For me, this is an album that I return to time and time again and I can listen to on repeat all day.

It might be because it reminds me of a couple of my dear friends, or because I used to listen to it every night to fall asleep for months on end, or it might just be because it’s great.

I’m sure you know some of their songs, but if you’ve never listened to the whole album from start to finish I’d encourage you to give it a chance. If its not for you, no harm, no foul.

I think I’ll love it forever.

Making friends is easy (when you’re 10 years old at summer camp)

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about those big life questions, how am I spending my life doing, what do I want out of life, what makes me happy, and really, who am I? These questions are all too lofty and likely, too unanswerable to tackle but why the hell shouldn’t we ask them every now and again? In the last year my life has changed a lot. I got a new job. I went from fairly casual shift work to a Monday to Friday gig. I relocated to a new city and I started living alone for the first time in my life.

My lifestyle changed. A lot.

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