Some things never get old.

There are some albums which I will download and obsess over for a month. It’s all I listen to, then as quickly as it arrived in my life, it leaves again. I might revisit it from time to time but it never really sticks. Sometimes, however a real gems enters your life and it has staying power.

For me, this is an album that I return to time and time again and I can listen to on repeat all day.

It might be because it reminds me of a couple of my dear friends, or because I used to listen to it every night to fall asleep for months on end, or it might just be because it’s great.

I’m sure you know some of their songs, but if you’ve never listened to the whole album from start to finish I’d encourage you to give it a chance. If its not for you, no harm, no foul.

I think I’ll love it forever.

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