A foray into hot new hip hop

It’s funny how we build a conception of our identities around the music we listen to.

Oh, you listen to this?

You don’t know about them?

You’re a metal head?

I hate country. (That’s a lie, I love country).

I, personally, would have never said I was someone who liked hip hop. Ever.

But looking back, I have definitely listened to hip hop, and I have definitely loved it. Back in 2009 I listened to Kid Cudi’s album Man on the Moon: The End of Day relentlessly for months and let’s be honest, I’ve loved Kanye’s hits, and who can deny Missy Elliot?

So then, I can’t say I don’t like hip hop. And if I don’t dislike it, maybe I should spend some more time with it. Because maybe it has a lot to offer me, even if I’m not struggling with an obscene amount of hookers and blow. I have to admit the beats make me want to move, and the lyrics are (often but not always) affecting.

If you haven’t given it a chance, maybe you should.

Currently I’ve been listening to Drake’s new album If You’re Reading This It’s Already Too Late on repeat since I downloaded it Friday afternoon. I never understood the Drake hype, but that was because I never actually listened to Drake. I’ve since mended my ways.

If you’re not cool with expletives, I suggest you stay far, far away.

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