Sturgill Simpson

Get off your high horse right this very minute and accept the fact that if you are on a high horse you are at least on your way to being a cowboy.

Country music is not all bad. Correction, country music is not bad. People love to hate it. Sometimes I feel like its thought of like a universal truth, obviously country is hated.

Sure, some of it isn’t the best, but that can be said for every genre. And I’m constantly surprised by people who like folk music but don’t see the connection between folk and country and roots and bluegrass.

While you might not want to ride around town in my car as I sing along to Dierks Bentley, the Eli Young Band, Eric Church, or the Zac Brown Band you might, just maybe want to give Sturgill Simpson a chance. He harkens back to old school country that my parents would have grown up with. But, if you can deny Willie Nelson then maybe there’s no hope for you.

Now lets get our boots on and two step.